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Welcome to DIYHoard, where I gather up a bunch of DIY ideas i find online (and a few of my own) and often try to add explanations and tips on how to make them your own.
Not only do I post DIY ideas but I also talk about crafting, lifestyle, beauty, food, and whatever else I find relevant!

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I may post things that are considered triggering for some people; this includes talk of dieting, coming out of depression, and relationship talk
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Remember: Contour does not mean bronzer. A lot of people can pull of bronzer for contouring (very light skin and naturally golden tan). Otherwise be very wary on bronzer, as it isn’t made for contouring, although it’s what people mainly use it as. It is originally made as high lighter. Get one just a little darker than your skin or the same color and put it where highlighter should go to make you look sun kissed or use it as blush.

Be very careful when using it for contouring as it may make you too orange. Instead, use a foundation/concealer two shades darker than your skin color and blend well.

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