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Hey everyone! My name is Elisa and this is a blog in which I post diy and beauty ideas that are either mine, or I find online. Right now most posts I find online (unless stated otherwise) because I'm trying to get together a youtube channel with diy, beauty, and fashion ideas.

I will credit everything that I can find credit for.
If you find your post uncredited, let me know and I will fix it right away.

Message me with requests or ideas. Tried something out? Send me a picture!
The more I can tell you guys are interested (by interacting rather than just liking/reblogging) I'll start having more giveaways on what it seems you guys like!

If I message you back, it will be under the url greatest-treasurel, my personal blog.

Interested in co-running? Send me a message :)

Make an old bag cute by adding dots! Good idea for younger kids :)

Make an old bag cute by adding dots! Good idea for younger kids :)

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