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Hey Everyone!
Welcome to DIYHoard, where I gather up a bunch of DIY ideas i find online (and a few of my own) and often try to add explanations and tips on how to make them your own.
Not only do I post DIY ideas but I also talk about crafting, lifestyle, beauty, food, and whatever else I find relevant!

I will credit everything that I can find credit for.
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I may post things that are considered triggering for some people; this includes talk of dieting, coming out of depression, and relationship talk
#gift ideas

DipDye Sneakers

Find out how to make these sneakers here!

QUICKTIP: Get plain white sneakers at walmart for $5

1 year ago, 11/09/13 | 128 notes
#diy #do it yourself #ombre #dipdye #dip dye #shoes #sneakers #median #average
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