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Hey Everyone!
Welcome to DIYHoard, where I gather up a bunch of DIY ideas i find online (and a few of my own) and often try to add explanations and tips on how to make them your own.
Not only do I post DIY ideas but I also talk about crafting, lifestyle, beauty, food, and whatever else I find relevant!

I will credit everything that I can find credit for.
If you find your post uncredited, let me know and I will fix it right away.

Message me with requests or ideas. Tried something out? Send me a picture!

If I message you back, it will be under the url greatest-treasure, my personal blog.

Interested in co-running? Send me a message :)

I may post things that are considered triggering for some people; this includes talk of dieting, coming out of depression, and relationship talk
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Balloon Picture/Notes Surprise

Someone special’s birthday or anniversary? Surprise them by sneaking into their room/place and filling up balloons with helium. Add a long string and tape on pictures of you two, notes, cards, or other cute items. Try to keep the items paper or light weight so it won’t pull the balloons all the way down to the ground.

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