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Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Now that you can make your own chalkboard paint (as seen in my last post), here’s a good way to use it.
You have two options.

1. Buy a two large posterboards and paint them with chalkboard paint
2. Cut each one into desired size squares (or any shape, get creative!)
3. Tape/Glue on wall

Here is the way I actually recommend.

1. Use a masking tape to make outlines of 7x5 squares on your wall (7x4 is an option if you want to double up for 30 & 31). Make sure to make them evenly spaced. Use rulers and a leveler.
2. Use chalkboard paint (or make your own) to paint within the lines.
3. Let it dry and peel off the tape. Use chalk to label the dates 1-31

Tried it? Submit your pictures of how it turned out :)



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