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Hey Everyone!
Welcome to DIYHoard, where I gather up a bunch of DIY ideas i find online (and a few of my own) and often try to add explanations and tips on how to make them your own.
Not only do I post DIY ideas but I also talk about crafting, lifestyle, beauty, food, and whatever else I find relevant!

I will credit everything that I can find credit for.
If you find your post uncredited, let me know and I will fix it right away.

Message me with requests or ideas. Tried something out? Send me a picture!

If I message you back, it will be under the url greatest-treasure, my personal blog.

Interested in co-running? Send me a message :)

I may post things that are considered triggering for some people; this includes talk of dieting, coming out of depression, and relationship talk
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Free Printables: Halloween Pattern and Tags

Download these cute printables over at bloesm.
 They are at the bottom of the page. Use these for all your halloween parties, and don’t forget to send me pictures of how you used them!

Free Printables: Halloween Pattern Paper

I have a large glass from an old coffee table that was thrown away. I need a desk in my room and don't want to waste the glass. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Nice blog btw!

If you find a cheap tv stand or even bigger night stand you can use it as a “base” to your desk. You can even place two stands to balance the glass. Crates will work as well. What you want is something that will give you drawers for your desk. I think black, metal, or rugged wood (such as crates) would be a good idea to make the glass not seem so out of place.

You should make an Instagram!😇

I feel like I cant provide the same quality via instagram as I can through a blog (such as easy to follow links, directions, and full pictures).
If I can post more often I may start one for anouncements and “diy of the week,” but that probably won’t happen for a while unfotunately.

Free Printables: Gift Tags

I found these printable tags online, a few have “for” in french, but otherwise are very useful! Check the full picture out here

Cut out eye shapes on toilet paper rolls and tape a gowstick to the inside to create these spooky eyes

Penpal Updates

Hey everyone! I got an overwhelming response on wanting to be a penpal, which is awesome!

I can’t have as many penpals as responses I got, which is unfortunate. However, I would like to send as many of you as I can a letter, and if you reply I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. I’ll scatter the times I respond so most everyone gets a reply. I’ll probably have a few people that I reply more often to.

If you want to receive a letter from me I made a form here to submit information in a way that is more organized for me. I don’t want to get into any sort of trouble so please be 18 or have permission from your parents otherwise to give out your address. For those of you who want to know a little more about me, enter your email address instead of your home address so we can chat a bit!

Here’s a little about me, though.
My name is Elisa. I’m a 21 year old student at UGA. I’m really into crafting (obviously), and video games. I really like dogs, the office, harry potter, going out, meeting new people, and blogging. I’m pretty talkative and easily distracted. I enjoy long conversations and giving advice.

I’m excited for this project, and I hope some of you are too!

Frame Weekly Organizer

For this creative idea, you will need

  • A picture frame set like the one pictured above, with plenty of small frames. You can find these many places. Make sure it has at least 7 frames
  • Decorative cardstock paper (or: wallpaper, wrapping paper, patterns, pictures, colored paper)
  • Letter stickers (optional)
  • Dry Erase markers

Cut your card stock paper into 5x7” rectangles, or however big your frames are. The size should be on the frame. Most frames have a cardboard back that is removable and you can use to trace the shape. Write or place your letter stickers on the card stock to spell out days of the week. Be conscious of how you are going to place them in the frame; will it be vertical or horizontal? Place the cutouts into the frame. If your frame is metal, glue a magnet to the side of the dry erase marker and attach it to the frame. Otherwise you may just want to find a way to get it to stay on the frame.

Write some notes on top of the glass, that way you can erase with ease!

Hi! I don't have anything really crafty to use.. I want to make my boyfriend something home made though. Could you give me some ideas of what to make him? the only things I have handy around are paper, pencil, scissors, simple stuff. I don't have a hot glue gun, or any spare jars. I don't have paint :b

You may have seen the Love Note Deck of Cards posts, if not, check it out here.

Card decks are only a dollar usually and the rings usually come in a set for a dollar as well. Alternatively you can make cute little notes on pieces of paper to make a booklet with. Make some of them memories, some of them love notes, and some of them coupons (for things such as a massage, a kiss, a date, dinner etc). Hole punch them or use a drill to make a hole in them. Tie them together with cute string or a key ring.
You can also frame a picture of you two together and write a note on the back!
Get some string and make him a manly colored friendship bracelet!
Make him “tickets” to a movie at your place. Draw a fake movie cover of his favorite movie, a bag of microwavable popcorn (un popped), candy, a coupon for “food” (make him something!) and a soda!

Make a nice cross pattern on your wall by using black tape. Make sure to measure it out with ruling tape and a pencil to mark spots before hand, as you want it to be neat. Very nice for a room and easy to take off. Don’t want crosses? Make triangles or squares with the same tape.

Anyone want to be my penpal?

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in receiving and sending letters and cute little crafty things. I always want to make cute notes and drawings, but I don’t have anyone to give them to.
Are any of y’all interested?

*You must be willing to give your address or po box. No creeps.

Send me a message if you’re interested and why we would be good pen pals!

Shower Caddy Storage

Who knew metal shower caddies could make cute storage for your room? Spruce it up with bows, ribbons, and even washi tape.

Shower Caddy Storage
Who knew metal shower caddies could make cute storage for your room? Spruce it up with bows, ribbons, and even washi tape.

Dorm Room Inspiration


DIY Vampire Cocktail Recipe from Self Proclaimed Foodie. These fat fake syringes are available at popup Halloween stores everywhere. You can make alcohol or non-alcohol versions of this cocktail because the pureed raspberry syringes are what people will remember.

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