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Hey Everyone!
Welcome to DIYHoard, where I gather up a bunch of DIY ideas i find online (and a few of my own) and often try to add explanations and tips on how to make them your own.
Not only do I post DIY ideas but I also talk about crafting, lifestyle, beauty, food, and whatever else I find relevant!

I will credit everything that I can find credit for.
If you find your post uncredited, let me know and I will fix it right away.

Message me with requests or ideas. Tried something out? Send me a picture!

If I message you back, it will be under the url greatest-treasure, my personal blog.

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I may post things that are considered triggering for some people; this includes talk of dieting, coming out of depression, and relationship talk
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Under Construction Currently! But you can see some things on there. I want to add more things before making stuff for sale. Everything is negotiable and goes to the good cause of putting gas in my tank so i can commute to school -_-

Bread In a Bottle
Use a glass bottle or mason jar as a container for this ready-to-make cake! Put all the ingredients in neat layers in your jar and make sure it is filled to the very brim (so they won’t mix together). Draw or print off a cute label with the recipe on it and attach it to the bottle. A cute way of doing this is by trying it with a thin rope around the neck of the jar.
Perfect idea for a present!

Thigh Chain

This is kind of a cute and sexy idea. This thigh chain is a little complicated but great way to spice up an outfit. I think it would look really good over black skinny jeans. Find out how to make it here

I’m all about finding alternative ways to decorate pumpkins other than carving (which I am AWFUL at). Using washi or decorative tape is a great idea! Paint your pumpkin a base color first and let it dry before you use the tape.

Idea from lilluna

New Theme!

Check it out and let me know what you think :)
I wanted a more blog / text oriented layout.


This year I’ve been juggling school, student teaching, and work which means driving back and forth from each location. I recently had to cut back on hours so I could deal with school and all my money goes to gas :(
So where am I going with this? How would you all feel about me having a page on my blog where I sell some DIY things I’ve made, materials, clothes, or anything else I think you would like?
I’ll have pretty cheap prices and have it linked to my paypal.

What do y’all think?


I must do this! I’ve wanted an anchor bracelet for what seems like forever. Swell Mayde has all the instructions and materials listed!


DIY Recycled Book to On the Go Mini Art Studio Tutorial from Crafts Unleashed. Detailed tutorial using lots of glue and staples and some machine sewing (that you could do by hand). For another book to sketch book tutorial go here. For more book clutches go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/diy-book-clutch and for more recycled book DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/books

Hi. Are you also on weheartit?

I am not; the only place you will currently find me is on tumblr!


I’ve always enjoyed learning new techniques when it comes to doing my nails. I’ll have to try this one out next.

Hello :) So I have been redecorating my living room but feel like I have to much going on on my walls. Should all walls have pictures and decor or should I leave one blank?

This is a really good question because often times you have someone who wants their home to look very well decorated that they often go overboard on decor. Having a blank wall is perfectly okay! Just make sure that there is some kind of furniture against it, whether it be a couch, a small table, or even drawers. If the wall you want to leave blank has a lot of windows, it’s okay to leave it completely blank (with no furniture).
If you feel that your walls are too crammed, then try spreading out what you have on the other three walls.

Even if you have to take some things down, it doesn’t mean you have to take them down forever. Switch out your decor every few months or for whatever season you’re in!

For those of you who want a little more intensive DIY, check out this video.

Thanks for the advice!

I have decided to do the light brown to blonde ombre! 
I’ll probably end up doing it tonight so there will most likely be a  picture of how it turned out on my personal blog.

To those of you suggesting a professional, I do agree that it is a better idea, but not something I can afford. I’ve been dying my hair myself for about 6 years and haven’t really had any problems. That being said I suggest everyone go to a professional for any major hair changes unless you are very confident in your abilities! 

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